To watch yourself from a completeley new viewing point is made possible by a project at the Diagonale Festival Center "Thalia": the tx-transformer is available there for courageous people.
(Kronen Zeitung, March 22, 2001)

Enigmatic and lovely: the tx-transormator invites guttsy people to experience a self-fusion.
(Blimp: Diagonale Festival, March 19-25, 2001)

When performing a tx-transformation, the rug gets pulled out from under the viewer's familiar perception of the world. Pictures that have been generated by means of this technique are questioning the way in which we see space, time, and motion in a most radical way.
(Blimp: Diagonale Festival, March 19-25, 2001)

Even the newest technologies can be used in a subversive way.
(Interview about techniques like tx-transform with Tom Sperlich, curator of the Viper"-symposiums "Quick Times" held in Basel; Basler Zeitung, 29. September 2000)

Je raakt in een wervelstorm van tijdsmanipulatie.
(Report about the Dutch Electronic Art Festival ; Ruit Magazine, November 2000)

A strike against the cinematic system of pictures. Astonishing new effects made possible by a new film technique. Market potential through utilization for sciences.
(ITTI: Information Transfer for New Technologies and Innovationen, Austria Pressetext, Jannuary 19, 2000)

What is hardly apprehensible in theory, is all the more convincing in its results.
(Monitor, Februar 1999)

The recently opened filmmuseum in the English town Brighton, in any case, is absolutely positive about it. The show about the development of film technique there starts in 1895 with the cinematographic machines of the Lumière brothers, and ends with tx-transform.
(Die Presse, March 9, 1999)

To gain an impression of the effects of tx-transform, one should absolutely have a look at the demos on the website of Martin Reinhart and Virgil Widrich.
(konr@d, February/March 1999)

tx-transform is able to depict body motions for medical purposes by creating film diagrams.
(Ärzte Woche, January 13, 1999)

Nobody knows for sure what time is like. The two Austrians Martin Reinhart and Virgil Widrich at least want to make time visible, supported by their new digital film technique tx-transform.
(GQ, January 1999)

Film experts recognized the unique nature of this new technique immediately.
(Format, October, 1998)

tx-transform - film conventions turned upside down.
(Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, September 4, 1998)

A native of Vienna and a native of Salzburg have developed a new film language which is already being talked about in Hollywood, if only at a whisper. "We are the first to capture the fourth dimension on film."
(Wiener, November, 1998)

Created a sensation at the ars electronica with their new film language, tx-transform.
(Wiener, January, 1999)

Even aspects of the theory of relativity can be considered anew.
(Die Presse, September 11, 1998)

A ground-breaking experimental film.
(Salzburger Nachrichten, October 13, 1998)

Your gray matter will get a workout.
(Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, September 9, 1998)

A bold and confusing idea! ... Rather than a simulation of another world, tx-transform is a different way of looking at our world. And that is confusing enough.
(Die Presse, September 13, 1998)

The tx-transform project led by the Austrians Martin Reinhart and Virgil Widrich turns the conventional way of looking at things upside down.
(Neues Volksblatt, September 8, 1998)