tx transformator

tx-transform, a film technique that was presented at the Diagonale festival in 1999, has been developed further. This time a team consisting of Martin Reinhart and Virgil Widrich is presenting the tx-transformator. This automat, based on the theory of relativity, allows viewers for the first time to modify their perception of the familiar relation between space and time by experiencing time in a transverse flow to their spatial movements. Thereby, an interactive and astonishing new perception is made possible in real time. Hence, the regular sequence of motion is turned upside down: visitors, who keep staying at the same location, are being stretched, abrupt movements are compressed. Limbs are moving away from bodies, heads get unwinded. Behind the tx-transformator's plain design, developed in the former German Democratic Republic (by Robotron 1983), not only a sophisticated technology is hidden, but also an intriguingly simple idea, which can be explored by means of a short video.


Idea and concept: Martin Reinhart, Virgil Widrich
tx-software: Georg Dorffner
Graphics: Haderer Graphic Design
Multimedia programming: Stefan Ladstätter
Hardware: Georg Hirzinger, Martin Reinhart
Electronics: Martin Moser
Developed on behalf of DEAF (Dutch Electronic Art Forum)
Co-funded by BKA.