Radical attack on the cinematic order of images

"By movement in space, the objects of a set change their respective positions. But, through relations, the whole is transformed or changes qualitatively. We can say of duration itself or of time, that it is the whole of the relations."
(Gilles Deleuze, "The Movement-Image")

Film involves the relationship between time and space and can be understood as a linear system of order which assigns a certain spatial or visual configuration to a certain point in time. In everyday life, time is normally understood as a linear dimension of an unequivocal quantity. According to our idea, this view of reality corresponds to the progression of time in film. A strip of film has a beginning and an end; the direction is determined by the direction in which it runs through the projector, and the relative duration of the projected events can be calculated on the basis of the length of the film material and the speed at which it moves through the projector. What we perceive as time is for the film a spatial dimension which expands in a certain direction.

With tx-transform, objects depicted in a film are no longer defined as images of something that exists concretely; they become conditions in time. The digital realization of this technique in no way influences film's special character as a fundamental model of order and perception.

Film's organic physical, physiological chemical constants make it a historically and technically comprehensible medium, and its technological basis has not changed in decades. Part of Martin Reinhart's work consists of questioning established norms, tracing them to their origins, and manipulating them in new ways. In doing so, the goal is not solely an archeology of the obsessed inventors and artists whose developments and innovations have lost their significance and are now forgotten, as this effort also represents a search for and identification of visual phenomena which stimulate our perception as an elastic and alterable matrix, thereby providing a glimpse of the incredible potential available beyond standard representational techniques.