For a couple of years now, an new film technique developed by Martin Reinhart has been astonishing audiences at international film and multi media festivals: tx-transform. No matter in which way one experiences the tx-technique - either by seeing the short film titled after the process, or in form of the interactive tx-transformator - tx turns the familiar perception of time and space upside down. It opens up a universe of so far unimagined pictures. In addition to its artistic character, tx-transform also offers a commercial aspect. It represents a capable and professional tool for generating spectacular effects in high definition for feature films as well as commercials.

The software for enabling the method is copyrighted by law. tx-transform method: European patent application EP0967572 A2 and a corresponding US-patent application.

Martin Reinhart
Barnabitengasse 10/10
1060 Wien
e-mail: reinhart@tx-transform.com

Press information
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Film distribution
If you want to rent the film or show it at a festival, please contact Sixpack Film.

Holder of copyright to tx-film technique: 1998-2001 by Martin Reinhart
Holder of copyright to tx-film 1998 by Virgil Widrich Film- und Multimediaproduktionsg.m.b.H.