Martin Reinhart 
Born in Vienna in 1967.
Graduation from the Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna.

Journalistic work as filmcritic and film theorist; developer of concepts and content for several multimedia productions, as well as of film techniques together with construction of prototypes. Technical director of numerous shorts and experimental films, construction of custom-made cameras for own projects or in commission.
Developer of the patented film technique tx-transorm, curator of the film and photographs division at the Technical Museum Vienna.

Under the project label nachbild agentur he is carrying out art projects together with Katarina Matiasek, among them Der helle Kader (the reconstruction of a historic color technique in film), Herzlose Filme (studies about automatically composed movies), Urgeräusch (conversion of a text about media by Rainer Maria Rilke into cinematic language). Participation in numerous film and media festivals. Works by Martin Reinhart have been purchased by the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television/Bradford (GB), by the bka (Office of the Federal Chancellor - Division for the Arts)/Vienna, and by the Fotografis Collection/Vienna.

Martin Reinhart, Barnabitengasse 10/10, 1060 Vienna/Austria/Europe

Martin Reinhart & Virgil Widrich

Virgil Widrich 
Born in Salzburg in 1967.
Work with film at the age of 12, production of Super 8 movies.
In 1990, director's assistant for John Bailey in Hollywood (The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe with Lily Tomlin).
From 1993 to 1995, organizational head for Salzburg's Diagonale Film Festival.
Participation in a number of CD-ROM projects, among them as executive producer and writer in Robbi-Abenteuer auf CD-ROM, one of the largest Austrian CD-ROM productions to date. Lectures on screenwriting technique and film software at the Media Laboratory Munich, the Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Vienna, and the Filmschool Vienna.
1997 Screen Play Award of the City of Salzburg.

 Films (Selection):
"Auch Farbe kann träumen/Color can dream" (Zeichentrick, 1981)
"Monster in Salzburg" (monsterfilm about insects, 1982)
"Vom Geist der Zeit/The spirit of time" (Action/Adventure, 113 min., 1983-85)
Short Film Screen Plays "Vier Uhr im Café, "Das Kind und der Zauberer"
"Heller als der Mond" (feature film screen play, comedy, 90 min., 2000)
"Copy Shop" (12min., 2001)
"Fast Film" (14 min., 2003)

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